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It's not about me

...but this part is......



     Singing is more than the black dots on the lined page



It's all about the technique.  Scales.

If you can master the scale provided to work on a particular technical issue, you can apply that to any song a composer created for you to sing.  Training those muscles to do what they were made to do without our interference.....that's what I do best.  But that's just the beginning...


Singing is storytelling.  We all have emotions to share from within.​ If we aren't moving our audience....getting them to FEEL something, then we are not doing our jobs.  A professional sound is born of freedom: Vocal freedom. Physical freedom. Emotional freedom. It travels with power: a solid technique of breathing, support, and placement.  It communicates through authenticity: your soul needs to be in every word, your thumbprint in every phrase.  Singing is personal.  You are giving a piece of yourself every time you open your heart to sing. This is what I ask of all of my clients, after we handle the technical aspects first.

My training is classical. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time: USC.  I earned both my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Vocal Performance there with some of the most ground-breaking artists and teachers of our time.  {Thank you Mom and Dad}  This is what I pay forward every time I sit at the piano to teach.  My training afforded me the opportunity to perform opera  and musical theater professionally. With that strong background, I studied for over 30 years to learn that a classical foundation is fundamental to every style of singing , and every style of singing can be produced healthily and successfully as long as one understands the physiological differences /demands needed to achieve such sounds with freedom. 

Currently my in-person studio, after more than 30 years of teaching, is in the Coachella Valley.

But I am most excited about my online presence. 

My Face Time lessons afford the opportunity to help singers world wide.  I came to the internet party kicking and screaming...but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of service I can provide with great equipment and a love of the art.  

My studio bears my name because that is who you get when you study there: me. I am passionate about the artistry of singing and performing...and about helping people realize their phrase at a time.   Let's get started

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